Basil infused strawberries

basil strawberriesSo if you (like me) are struggling to find the motivation (or time) to do anything vaguely romantic today to show your loved one how much you truly care (I mean more than putting your non-ugly undies on), why not whip up this fast, easy and totally Valentine’s esque dessert for dinner tonight. This is also a fabulous last minute dinner party delight!

Basil Infused Strawberries with lashings of cream

Serves 2, conveniently. This is not dessert for your kids too, It is Valentine’s Day. Eat it when they go to bed, with one spoon.
375gm strawberries
1/4 cup raw or dark brown sugar
big handful of basil
Juice of one lemon and zest of half

Wash, pat dry hull and quarter strawberries. You can leave them halved if you prefer. Put in the Sugar – dark brown for a more distinct molases flavour and raw for subtle sweetness. You can add as much or as little sugar to your taste as with the lemon too. Zest in half a lemon. Squeeze in the juice from the lemon. Chop finely the basil and add to the bowl. Mix it all together and put in the fridge until the REAL dessert time. The longer you leave it the more it will infused with the basil. An hour is ideal.
Serve with ‘lashings’ of cream and pray to god he thinks you are Nigella.



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